Investigate what? That you aren't talking to her on the phone? Sounds so silly. And the SS card and passport to PCS? Most Soldiers don't even have a passport and once the Army gives you an ID card, they could care less about SS cards. She looks really stupid emailing your boss. It certainly highlights how much she wants to unload another round of caustic comments in your direction.

Please consider taking leave. You have been under a huge amount of personal and professional stress. Once things ease off a little, there is a tendency for some people to pop off. And if you stuff everything, it just comes out a different way later.

You haven't said much about your family. Do you get along with them? if so, visit. You don't have to talk to them about everything. Just be with them. If you don't want to visit them, do you have college roommates to visit? Go somewhere, away from the Army for a couple of weeks. Choose your favorite beach/mountain/city and chill out for a little bit.


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