Men often come to save their marriage, not primarily to seek insight into themselves. The light bulbs have gone on: I could lose this woman, I could lose these children. I gotta shape up. When they come to a therapist who is only used to dealing with individuals, they are in trouble. The therapist begins with "And how do you feel about being here, Joe?" And Joe says "Well, I�m just here to save my marriage." "No, Joe, that�s not a feeling." "Well, I think it�s important that we�" "No, no, that�s a thought, Joe, that�s not a feeling." And so Joe is not a candidate for individual psychotherapy, which to the therapist means "he�s got big time problems."

That was sort of my thinking when we went to a counselor altho main purpose was get some help for our daughter - who is bpI and was pregnant and still in high school. Next thing I know - the counselor and wife are making it the marriage is the cause and I am the root cause. Good lord. Failed to mention that our oldest two sons were successful adults. I suppose I did something right along the way.

Walked out of there thinking I walked into a man hater agenda.

W: 52
Married: 32 yrs
2 Sons (29 & 23)
1 Dtr (20)
1 GDtr (2.5) precious little girl