I can see why you did not want sex at this particular time and it does not have much to do with YOU BEING DYSFUNCTIONAL and DEPRESSED!

BAsically, NOTHING has ever been resolved in your marriage FOR THE LAST 14 YEARS!!! NOTHING!!

I like sex but I would never have sex with a spouse where nothing has been resolved.


1. Her daily abuse of you for 14 years
2. Her theft of your retirement funds and lying to you about them. ($112K)
3. Her laziness and refusal to work
4. Her pushing you to make more money at work so she could blow that money
5. Her driving 200 miles a day to shop for more unusable junk
6. Her demands for $250K home repairs that she knows you could not pay for
7. Her using her field as an ACCOUNTANT to hide her theft and overspending
8. Her forging your checks
9. Her demands for jewelry, trips, housekeepers, beauty treatments
10. Her opening new credit cards and running them up without telling you
11. her ruining your credit
12. Her ruining your chance at early retirement
13. Her abuse of you affecting your two children, one is fat the other one suicidal
14. Her withholding sex for years and the "rapes".
15, Her bragging about her many one night stands and how great they were
16. Her telling you she liked a very different kind of man than you
17. Her control of you
18. Her meanness toward you
19. Her materialistic attitudes
20. Her lying to her parents about you
21. Her absolute disregard for your feelings, needs, etc.

Hey HOLD, I would be more worried if YOU DID WANT to have sex with such a woman (monster). Until these things all get resolved and you recover from your hurtful marriage you will not want sex with that difficult, unremorseful, mean, selfish, and unapologetic woman.

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