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Wow, that's a loaded question MB. laugh

My theory is that some are determined to prove Dr. H is wrong

At Dr. Harley's expense, no less. He does pay for this site, after all. I consider it the height of rudeness to expect him to continue to pay for people to misuse this website. (The intent of the website is to learn the Marriage Builders program.)

Of course, these folks often actually claim they understand Marriage Builders, and it's just certain "personalities" (let's be honest and not beat around the bush: it's MelodyLane, the Wonderings, princessmeggy, Mark1952, and many others, including I hope myself and Prisca) and their own "interpretations" of Marriage Builders, when actually these "personalities" are the only ones accurately presenting the program. But in their minds, the personalities are misrepresenting the program and need to be corrected, even though Dr. Harley makes it clear over and over again what his positions are, and through the management of this site has made it clear by electing to have such troublemakers banned.

It's so abundantly clear that anti-Marriage Builders attitudes aren't going to be tolerated here, but it doesn't stop them.

My favorite idea is the idea that Marriage Builders does not teach that being in love is the point of Marriage Builders. I listened to Joyce Harley say, nearly word for word, "The whole point of Marriage Builders is for you and your spouse to be in love, for a lifetime" on a radio program the other day (I think it was something like the August 30th show; I need to look it up so I can post a link) and thought about that.

But even that won't stop some folks who I am sure will continue to try to prove that Joyce Harley misunderstands the program she and her husband run. Sigh.

If you are serious about saving your marriage, you can't get it all on this forum. You've got to listen to the Marriage Builders Radio show, every day. Install the app!

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