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I agree with the fact that when distraught newbies come, it can be confusing to discuss other programs and a different philosophy for busting up an A.
That would be very confusing to reference the articles here and then advise different.
The exception would be if a poster is counseling with the Harley team.
What I mean by this is that the Harley's/coaches know the finer details of a situation (details that are not published on a public forum) and tailor the plan accordingly.

Vittoria, this is all I am saying. I have never seen a problem discussing other marriage books/programs. I think it is good to discuss the ins and outs of all of them. In that aspect, I think POV's are certainly valuable. It is just when someone substitutes their own opinion for Dr Harley's when trying to help a newcomer that the problem comes in.

I get my back up when someone is in a struggling marriage and someone refers them to something else. It makes it hard for those of us who are trying to help because the focus shifts from getting them the help they need.

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