mel, i have not said to do this to a newcomer...please stop making it seem like that is what i was trying to say. i said i enjoyed hearing open and honest opinions.

when i showed up here i was as broken as anyone. i found a lifeline...marriagebuilders. i read nlearned, posted and learned some more. i even did the phone counseling for as long as i could. i read others threads and i learned from them....and if the discussion was about other resources...i would check them out. what i found was i liked marriagebuilders better. i am a simple person and i didnt get confused at all.

"Me too. Especially Marriage Builder's honest "opinion" that this board is ultimately for MARRIAGE BUILDERS and if you have another opinion, and it is on a newcomers thread, you oughta keep it to yourself."

in my opinion....that is not being respectful mel. again you make it sound like i am on all the newbies threads spouting non mb's things. i haven't and i dont....and i would again appreciate it if you would stop making it sound like i am.

what we do in life......echoes in eternity!