1. I don�t believe a short marriage with no kids and adultery involved is worth saving. There�s too many people in the world to put up with this kind of abuse, IMHO.

I believe Dr. H actually agrees with you on this...I know it's often recommended around here that if a BS has no children and it's a short marriage that they should run for the hills.

However I have posted to BSs who are in this sitch because they DO want to try to save the M and that is their prerogative and they have gotten plenty of help here on MB.

Me,BW - 42; FWH-46
4 kids
D-Day #s1 and 2~May 2006
D-Day #3~Feb.27, 2007 (we'd been in a FR)
Plan B~ March 3 ~ April 6, 2007

In Recovery and things are improving every day. MB rocks. smile