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His response will almost certainly be more Conflict, more Taker lashing out. Expect it. He's not going to welcome your letter with open arms. He's going to find something else to grab onto to justify being in Conflict. Welcome this Taker. Be aware he's probably going to Love-Bust, and recognize it for what it is: an unschooled Taker running loose.

I went home at lunch - I've been doing that as much as possible as I thought it was one more way to show accountability for my time. DH was home already - unexpected. No mention of the email or my response. I offered to make him lunch but he didn't want anything. So I started working on the Bible study that he'd previously asked me to do with him. He comes and sits down on the couch right next to the kitchen and starts talking about how he's priced shutters for the house and all this other stuff, and maybe we need to sit down and make a list of everything we want to do and prioritize it, etc. No was wierd.

Don't get me wrong, I am thrilled that he's talking about something that would seem to indicate the possibility of a future...but why on the heels of that email??? He may have listened to the teleseminar, I don't know how long he'd been home but the website was still up on the computer in the garage. (Can't remember if I mentioned before, but it was from another surviving affairs type of website that he gets newsletters from, this particular call had 3 couples featured and in each case, the wife had had the A and the couples were all reconciled.) I can't see that making any difference, though. Just confused.

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Cool quote! Facebooked "Don't follow your heart. Lead it." smile

I can't take credit for it! smile It was in the Love Dare. You start out thinking it's for your spouse, but it's really a lot about you, your thinking, your mindset. The world says "follow your heart" - but if you are not leading it in the right direction, then something or someone else is.

I've suggested counseling with the Harleys on a couple of occasions. Trying not to be pushy. I may mention it again tonight if he seems open...found out at lunch though that he's got to go in and work some on 3rd shift though so he'll probably go to bed when the kids do, so we probably won't have a chance to talk at all tonight. In our situation, if he won't agree to counseling w/the Harleys, would it still be beneficial for me to seek it on my own?


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