yay! I texted him and asked if he wanted to have lunch w/me today, he texted back no b/c he needed to be @ home waiting on a delivery. So I said I would probably come home for lunch then, I could stop & bring us something. He said OK, he was kind of hungry since he'd been up since 2 am. So, yay! smile

BTW, I asked last night about coaching with the Harleys - he's on the fence, said he didn't know. I asked if he minded if I set up a session for me and he said no, I didn't have to ask. I told him that I believed that having his agreement on things was important and $200 was a big chunk of change...anyway I said I'd be setting something up and would let him know when it was so if he wanted to join in he would be welcome.


"Snow and adolescence are the only problems that disappear if you ignore them long enough." ~ Earl Wilson