You are four months into a relationship with a cheater, liar, and a woman who is constantly looking for new men.

There is no way your mind will lie to you and make you think she will not cheat in the future. This woman has had a lifetime of lying and cheating. Yet you have only known her to cheat on you in the last 4 months.

You would have to know her for about 5 years, and see beyond a shadow of a doubt that she has not cheated on you in that time to even BEGIN to believe her.

But to stick with her for 5 years after you KNOW for a fact she is a cheater/liar by nature...well, that invites heartache.

Please do not be foolish and try to "get over" her cheating/lying behavior. Your mind and emotions are telling you to "worry" because they are trying to protect YOU.

Face facts. She is in her forties and has cheated and lied her whole life. Unless there is an earthshaking happening in her life like a car accident or a child dying or some such shocking thing to wake her up, she is not going to change.

And though she acts remorseful, you cannot believe she would change just for you. Even though this is a pleasant thought, and you want to trust her, you need to verify everything for years since she is NOT to be trusted.

Sorry you fell in love with a lyer and cheater, if only you could get PAST THE RELATIONSHIP and into a BETTER relationship with a better type of woman, one who would never think of lying, cheating, or being selfish to you, then you could indeed GET PAST IT and not have to constantly worry about when and how this woman cheats on you again.

I am glad you are worrying. And that you have horrible feelings about her cheating again. It shows me you are not mentally ill and that you know what can happen and are at least trying to protect yourself a little from what she can and will do behind your back and....then lie to you about it.

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