Well, I told him last night about the whole truth of OM. H has been in Vegas for work since beginning of the week. I was suppose to tag along with him then but felt guilty that I haven't been spending time with the kids. So I changed my flight to Wednesday night. Our plan was to watch a few shows and go to the spas and return on Monday.

On the plane here, I recognized the author that wrote a book about her affair! Her and her husband speaks on marriages and how people can survive affairs. She actually had an affair and got pregnant and kept the baby from the OM and now almost ten years after they not only survived but they are truly in love with each other and having the an amazing marriage. This time I think she was really sent from God. I've been on the fence on whether I should stay or go. God has a plan for me and my husband and used the intervention on the plane! The plane was empty in the back and I had a chance to talk to her for two hours! No kids, no phone interruptions!

She actually said the same thing you guys suggested and I just needed another affirmation. So when I got off the plane, my H can tell something is up. I waited until we were in our room and dropped the bombshell. He took it pretty well but EXTREMELY upset. We didn't sleep last night. He wants to go home after his meetings and see the OM...actually he said beat the crap out of him that his lucky if he could walk. Before that I told him to promise me that he would hurt him but changed his mind after I told him. I want this time for is to sort things out. This is our chance without a lot of distractions. What should I do the next few days? BTW, he wants me to have a tattoo that says I'm committed to him just like what he did in the spring time. I'm not willing to do that. I never had one and don't plan on getting one. He said that I'm not committed to this M then. Also, he left his wedding ring in the room. I asked if that was deliberate and he said 'yes'. I haven't worn mine since the explosion either so I guess I deserve it.

I'll probably contact the OM to give him a heads up about my H. I really hope he just meets him and that's it.

Me: BS/FWW - 38
BH/FWH - 36
Married 13 years, together 17 years
Two boys: 9 & 12
OW#1 DDay: PA Nov 26, 2009 (July 2008-July 2009)
OW#2 DDay: PA Nov 29, 2009 (May 2009-Sept 2009)

Me: EA/PA (RA?) June 2010-Sept 2010
His DDay: Oct 2010