Hm. See...I wasn't clear on that part of the exposure...whether they should call her. I guess that makes sense. I sort of wanted to make her aware that it had been done first. Is it better to just get them to call her?

I will work on the other exposure targets for her tomorrow. I can't remember his last name at the moment. He has a Facebook page. I'm pretty sure she blocked him on there last month though.

Also, she left her phone in the kitchen tonight when she went to sleep...I just heard it beep. It's a text from the OM saying that he misses her. I'm so torn on whether I should reply/block/erase or some combination.

Edit: Found his page and attempted to message several of his family members.

Me: BS 28
Her: WS 27
Married: 2 years
D-Day 1: late Jul 10
D-Day 2: 8/12/10
D-Day 3: 9/30/10
Stage: Exposure Aftermath