I told the FIL. I've probably exposed to about 25-30 people now.

I'm in unbelievable pain seeing her in such pain. I know she absolutely hates me at the moment, and I love her so dearly.

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Why don't you text the ahole back and let him know of your 'displeasure' at his adulterous behavior toward your wife. And you sincere desire to make him physically uncomfortable for his actions, as in kicking his [censored]? And that would be letting him off easy! Some homewreckers get their asses shot off!
I texted back with a curt "Please leave my wife alone" before turning the phone off. Apparently he must've responded "Really? She came to me."

Me: BS 28
Her: WS 27
Married: 2 years
D-Day 1: late Jul 10
D-Day 2: 8/12/10
D-Day 3: 9/30/10
Stage: Exposure Aftermath