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In this economy, is there such a thing as "marriage-family friendly employment"? Yep, and it's up to spouses to find it. Not every job out there requires traveling, party scenarios, etc. In fact, several positions today allow an employee to even work from home as part of the job description. Like I said, it's up to an individual to find that type of position (not implying that it's easy).

Are you in an area where one is able to pick and choose from a multitude of job offers that will meet every need/requirement without relocation or a major change in pay?
Actually, I'm in an area with one of the highest unemployment rates in the state. While there isn't a lot to pick and choose from, there is enough that a skilled person can find work that doesn't have them away working so far away that they can't be home for their families. To be fair though, many companies require that employees travel for a set time period in order to attend training. This seems to be the business trend right now.

Problem is, people don't usually want to look at their realities and do what's best for their given situation, they often prefer to do what's feels best for them. I'm not stating this as judgement, because for much of my adult life, I had done this too.

On a side note, I do believe that there are positions that are a better fit for couples-families. I also believe that corporations can be M-F friendly. Corporations that refuse to tolerate harassment and affairs are, for the most part, more supportive of M and families. Companies that turn a blind eye to work place affairs and have no problem with it's employees using a club or bar scene to conduct business generally are not. I base these beliefs on observations and experiences over the years.

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