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Yeah, not a good idea to leave it unlocked and unattended. Another thing to think about now is your access to money. It is not unheard of for Waywards to clean out savings accounts, so if she has access to the family money, you may need to withdraw it until you know she isn't going to simply steal it from you.

Now might be a good time to write her a letter stating your reasons for exposure. She's not likely to "hear" it right now, but maybe you'll get lucky. I'd just tell her that you love her and it was clear she wasn't going to end her affair with this man. So you had no choice but to expose to try and kill it yourself so you have a real shot at rebuilding your marriage.
As she was leaving, she left her bank card and credit card. She also left all of our cash. She didn't want anyone to ever accuse her of stealing from me. She definitely won't steal it.

I actually attempted to semi-explain the exposure during the chaos (probably a bad idea...but I have a hard time not answering questions). She's actually the one that told me about MB early in our M. We came back to it when the affair initially became an issue. I told her I'd been reading it recently. This morning, she somewhat screamed about how MB said to write a NC letter but didn't say anything about exposure. I guess she hadn't read far enough.

Me: BS 28
Her: WS 27
Married: 2 years
D-Day 1: late Jul 10
D-Day 2: 8/12/10
D-Day 3: 9/30/10
Stage: Exposure Aftermath