Frank Pittman, who has counseled with literally thousands of couples over the years, has said that over 95% of all marriages that sought his help and that ended up in divorce have involved infidelity by one or both persons. He also said that in many cases the affair did not become known until after the divorce was final.

In following up with some of these couples he even found some that many years later admitted to an affair. He is so certain that if a couple is having trouble working on their relationship with his help, or the help of others including Dr Harley, that he has begun to simply assume that the resistant spouse is having an active affair.

BTW, the 15 year old number is used by a lot of data gathering organizations. It seems that each year some as young 15 years old do in fact get a divorce. Some married the same year but others have been legally married for a year or longer (with parental consent). The State of Indiana even provides a statistic as it relates to being between the age of 15 and 40 and the probability that you have been divorced at least once.

Not only are marriages in trouble these days, it seems that MARRIAGE itself is in trouble.