Proverbs 29:11 (NLT)
11 Fools vent their anger, but the wise quietly hold it back.

It is a weakness when a person throws open the gates of their frustrations and they act upon whatever thoughts may come to mind. Any thought whether helpful or harmful is spewed forth and vented unfairly upon another. The reflections and thoughts might not even be pertinent. They are quickly mouthed without counsel and will usually lead to greater distress. But those who are wise have learned the proper ways to express anger and not allow it to build to a point of rage. They hold back their thoughts, often seeking out advice and listening closely to others to reserve their words for a proper time and place.

A wife gave her husband a list of items for a Halloween party. She said to be sure to get everything on the list and nothing more. Before getting to the store, the husband misplaced the list and thought instead of calling his wife he would just pick up some items. After all, how hard is it to plan a party? Walking through the aisles he became distracted with the costumes. He thought, maybe I�ll buy one of these, wear it home and surprise the wife. After putting on the costume and parking his truck away from the house, and then walking down the street to his house the husband rang the doorbell. He could hear his wife approaching the door, but before the door opened he heard, �You better not be my husband dressed in a stupid Halloween costume without bringing back those items on the shopping list.� Sometimes it is just prudent not to respond for you know you have done wrong. And while the attempt was to surprise his wife; the husband forgot about the feelings of the wife, the need to bring back her complete list, and not make her feel let down. It was time to be sympathetic to her feelings and acknowledge his wrong and return to buy what she asked for.