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I know you mentioned it before. But how much/how often is his new job wanting him to travel?

I know that Dr. Harley says that we are the source of our spouses happiness but do you not think "hating him" is kind of extreme?

I have no idea. Does it matter? Are you suggesting I tolerate occasional deal-breakers?

Hating probably is extreme, but I've been in a couple of situations with traveling guys before H. One of them I was essentially using, did not like him much but liked very much that I was able to live in his house for free and he was never there. (hey, I was young...)

The other I loved very much and planned to marry until he took a travel job and it was about six weeks into it that I said, nope, not for me, and broke it off with him.

So yeah, the only way I see me ever being okay with a relationship with a dude who travels is if I don't like him and he means nothing to me. Why would I want that?

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
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