I'm rambling, Tel. Venting. I'm highly po'd at being duped here. I don't know if I'm madder at him, or me.


That makes me feel stupid.

And I'm not stupid, but I also don't make decisions based on feelings. You know this. Logically, does it make sense for me to blow up my family because I don't like the way I feel, however temporary or long-term it may be? I have a long-term temporary feeling of not being okay with this. lol. You get that, right?

We were talking about me taking a job...I brought it up after the "every job requires travel" speech (btw, he tried to tell me the most ridiculous thing...that his boss' wife trains people for a big fast-food chain and they require that teenagers fly out for training, I flagged BS, how ridiculous, no 16yr old Mickey D new hire travels for training! omg...however stupid I feel, he must think I'm waaaay stupider!)

--anyway, I asked him, "So, you think the only jobs I can get after graduating are going to require travel?"

He said, yep!

I said, so you're cool with that?

He said, I'll have to be!

I said, so you'll be here to get the kids off the bus, cook their dinner, put them to bed, pack their lunch, get them back on the bus, sign all the school papers, wash their clothes and everything while I'm gone?

He said, Wait a minute, I didn't say all that...


Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)