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He sells cars. I would never have married a pilot. There is a HUGE difference between wanting your spouse to give up something like writing vs something like flying. Read up on Lydia Sigourney. People only get peeved when you step on them; if you get mad just for gettin mad, you're an idiot. If you can't follow dreams without killing the family you created, you're an idiot. jmho.

I definitely think you need to find a balance. If your dreams are more important than a family, then don't have one (I know plenty of writers who chose this route). I also know plenty of writers (myself included) who believe that their families enrich their lives, and therefore, their writing.

I never knew that car salesmen have to travel frequently. I've known quite a few, and travel didn't seem to be a huge part of the job. Has your H always traveled for work, or is this a more recent development?

I probably wouldn't have married a pilot either. But if I did, I would have done so knowing that he wouldn't be around all the time and knowing that I would have to accept this.

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