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Am I being too understanding and forgiving too soon?
Coming from someone who has been in your shoes yes, it is too soon. You can talk to her about what happened in a non confrontational way but there is no way you can begin the healing process until you are there with her face to face. Read everything you can on this site and listen to the vets. They can help you though this. I wish I had found this site 4 years ago.

BW 46
XWH 46
Boys 17 & 19
Girls 16 & 10
D-day #1 12/2006 (confessed affair in 2004 w/BF & his wife)
D-day #2 10/2008 (denied by XWH)
D-day #3 10/2010
Kick WH out 01/2011 he files for D
D finally final 03/2012
I'm free!