This is why you get the kids and WW on the plane headed back home today. NC must be forever. WW must be moved away from OM.

Why do you think your head is about to explode?

WW is to close to the OM.

I wish it was this simple. They are half way around the world. For them to come back now is going to cost more than 6,000 EUR that we just do not have.

That is what is eating me inside. I know that we cannot hope to reconcile until we are together, despite it being what we both want (I believe her when she tells me she only wants me, that she only ever wanted me). She suspicion and lack of trust will remain until we are under the same roof, and most likely for a long time after.

The next four weeks are going to be torture. I have to bring this to God and pray for her and the kids. Only He can bring us together now.