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So later he said, "We need a date night. What would you like to do?"

I said, "I'd like to go on the Great Date our church has out. Why didn't you pick it up?"
He asked me why didn't *I* pick it up, and I kinda, er, went off. "I didn't pick it up because our church doesn't put it out as a way for WIVES to instruct their HUSBANDS, but to give guidance to the husbands themselves! Why would I want to be the only wife in a line of MEN picking up instructions for MY OWN DATE?"

He said that he doesn't like to make plans for us because he always gets them wrong.

I said, "Like the way I set the table wrong? Should I just NOT do it then because I can't do it right?"

He said the point was taken, but like many points I've made over the years, I think he doesn't get it

Oh he gets it.

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and just wanted me to shut up.

But yes, he just wants you to shut up.

I struck through some text above....things you could have kept to yourself....what do you think you could have said instead? When he said,

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'he doesn't like to make plans for us because he always gets them wrong'

Could you have looked at him and nodded to acknowledge his point (even if you don't agree with it AT ALL). And then said, 'well. You asked what I'd like to do...that is what I'd like to do.'

And then leave it. Would that have worked?

I see patterns of myself in you. Saying too much. Trying to educate. Wanting a truth that you may never get...because I am not sure your dh knows his Truth, so how can you know it? But you can live with him--as the man he is...at his core...IF he will do the ACTUAL things you need. Is that possible?