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I have been thinking lately that we would be happier if we moved into a much smaller house and paid a much smaller mortgage. I think we would be happier with less crap.

Right now however, I wish my wife would take the initiative to save money. Cut back on something. I mean really pick some things we don't need and get rid of them. Too many cable channels... some magazines... some community center activities for the kids... sell old clothes at Once Upon a Child to make some dough. Sell some crap on CraigsList. Bust our butts together on a garage sale (I did the garage sale all by myself last summer) Cut a cell phone plan. Cut the nasty high sugar expensive snacks in the pantry. Don't go out to every new release movie in 3D or IMAX.

Just for arguement's sake, how do men NOT know-or take the time to figure out-if their wives are spenders or savers before marriage? Or, is it bait-and-switch sort of thing? Or is it because needs change over time?

I'm a woman and the breadwinner.I'm a saver, and so is my husband. Being a saver (amongst other things) is a quality that we specifically looked for in partners.