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Just for arguement's sake, how do men NOT know-or take the time to figure out-if their wives are spenders or savers before marriage? Or, is it bait-and-switch sort of thing? Or is it because needs change over time?

I'm a woman and the breadwinner.I'm a saver, and so is my husband. Being a saver (amongst other things) is a quality that we specifically looked for in partners.

How old were you when you married?

I just married for the second time at age 45. I had an actual 'top ten' list that I had created some years ago of qualities I wanted in a mate. On that list is ability to provide for a family and willingness to live within one's means.

My dh is so much like me in this area. It sure makes life easier.

You can't tell early 20 somethings this stuff though. I'm trying to teach my son to be conservative....