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Really sit down and have a conversation about this work thing with husbands. It defines us. Its impressive how hard we can work. Its amazing how much we can provide. But it becomes a trap. Wouldn't be surprised if some of your men don't feel trapped by it all and have a lot of anxiety about being able to provide and keep that job.

Stretch, after having this conversation many many times with just he and I, we had many more with Steve Harley. Six months worth. Lots of $$$ was spent having these conversations. This is the result--my H volunteering to spend more time at work. There isn't anything left to say.

Stretch's point is well made, but probably doesn't apply to your situation CWMI. From this side of the computer screen it feels more like your dh gets his affirmation from work and co-workers. That kind of external affirmation is more important to him than your happiness or approval.