I am of the Low Libido group myself. It's very difficult and I hate it. I wish I was more attracted and aroused by my H, he's a VERY attractive man and I really want him to feel like he's desirable and sexy to me. I love him more than anything in my entire world but for me, Brad Pitt could walk through a room and while, I would definitely stare, I wouldn't need to go change afterwards, if you know what I mean. Now, it might be my medications that are killing my attraction for my H, but what if it's not? I can watch steamy scenes in movies, I read romance novels with some great sex scenes, nothing triggers that funny feeling in my stomach that takes my breath away. I know what it feels like, I have felt it before but it's rare. I've tried to explain that it's not H, that he's incredibly attractive and I love him but it's difficult for him to understand. We're still working on SF since it is one of his EN but luckily for me it's not #1 or even #2, so I have a bit of leeway and flexibility.

-= Phoenix
I am BW-25
Married since 7/07
A from 1/09-7/09

"One can't complain. I have my friends. Someone spoke to me only yesterday."-Eeyore