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PHOEN1X, I SO understand where you are coming from!!! Attractive doesn�t always equal arousal. And people don�t get that. I�ve been around some VERY handsome men, but nothing �down there�! Glad you and hubby are working on it.

It is an awesome feeling to be so attracted to a man. I married at 18 and didn't really realize how I didn't have it with my now X. The tricky part, that I stumbled on, once I was divorced, was not letting that attraction get in the way of good sense....attraction does NOT equal good relationship.

Your comment about 'down there' reminds me of what I tell my dh....that it is as if there is an invisible string connected between my mouth and 'down there' because when he is kissing me it is like WOW!

Combine that with him being on the same page as me regarding all the important issues in my life...yeah, a dream come true.

It happens DTC.