For those of you who have been feeding my husband that I am cheating on him, this is not the case. I respect and love myself, my husband and my children. Yes I am guilty for lack of affection and sex!! Many times you do not hear the other side.I have asked my husband on several occasions to go to counseling which he refuses and swears by marriage builders. There are reasons for my lack of affection and we have many stresses which also add. When I got home I was and am disgusted that my husband asked me why I changed my underwear this morning to go on a run?? Assuming I was meeting someone. He is more than welcome to call my friend, log my computer and phone. There is nothing to hide. My runs are a break and stress reliever from having three kids, one being a newborn. Any progress we made which has been destroyed for the next two days equals no sex. Get it!!! This is the cycle!!!