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Night was good, wife offered oral sex, which was great, that led to real sex which was great. Immediately afterwards she saw the "stewing" look on my face and asked me to tell her what bothered me. I told her that a certain something fit too easily into something else for not having had sex for so long and that I questioned whether her orgasm was real.

Your wife delivered your third child less than six months ago. Things will fit together differently FROM NOW ON!! Get over it.

Also, is your wife breastfeeding the new baby? If so, she may go through a time of being "touched out" just because of all the little people pulling at her right now.

I am not one of the MB experts. However, I AM an expert in what it's like to have a bunch of little kids. One of the most difficult times in my life was when my third child was born. It is very, very hard to have all those tiny little people needing a piece of you all day every day.

I noticed that the very first time you posted here was around the time your youngest baby was born. Is there any chance that your marital problems are because you are jealous of the time your wife is spending caring for your children? Are you helping her around the house and with the children? And if you are helping, what's your attitude about it?

P.S. Yes, you were a real jerk.

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