Wife and I declined another offer to hang out with some other friends tonight. In fact we declined two offers that normally we would have accommodated. Its not because we don't want to go hang out with friends, its that we need to be smart and spend that time together. Tentatively we are putting kids down at 730, drinking tea, and reading the workbook, then maybe some scrabble on a Friday night. She asked me about her running Sat morning, I told her the truth that I felt this was not a good idea because it would postpone us spending time together on a morning where nobody works and there is no school. She said, "ok how about I get up really early?", I said sure. At this point I'll have a positive attitude and see if she'll honor that commitment, because if she has a hard time waking up and goes running anyways, that would be a massive LB on a couple of levels. I'm gonna make sure we both go to sleep early tonight so that it is a bit easier for her.

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