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Hill, are you doing the things that your wife said make the greatest impact on filling her LB$?

They should be well spelled out on her ENQ. If making her snacks isn't on there, you're wasting effort on things that don't fill her up.

Have you two reached an agreement on the 'making faces' issue? I don't know that her saying STOP and you saying OKAY is going to cut it, because I'm assuming that you were not intentionally making faces, it was more about not being aware you were. Ask her to tell you EVERY TIME you do it. Perhaps keep a pocket mirror handy, so you can immediately see what she sees...or have her snap a picture, lol. Oftentimes to change an annoying bad habit that is mindlessly done, we need the help of those we annoy.

I have her list and I've implemented about half of the 13 things she likes. I have plans for some more of the expensive one's next month, so for now just the little things. Its bizarre, she told me what she likes, I do those things, then she behaves indifferent to it anyways? Oh well, I'll guess I'll just have to trust it is doing its job.

We agreed that there is no place for faces in our relationship and it was a massive LB each time I did it. They were not intentional and I'm so glad she figured it out because she could never explain what I did that annoyed her. I stopped the moment she told me, haven't done it since. I'll slip I'm sure here and there but the POJA is "NO FACES!"

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