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So, just a quickie update from 'where we left off'.

Nothing terrible found in H's email, most horrible thing was a forwarded email by his BOSS with a link to a music video titled "Hard to kiss the lips at night that chew your a** out all day long", sent as a mass email to all the married guys with a note that he was sure they could all relate to it. Nice. WTH is wrong with people? I, of course, chewed my H's a** out about it.


I did ask him what his thoughts on that were. Still non-committal, 'didn't pay attention to it', he ended up mass-emailing his co-workers to not send any non-work-related emails to him.

Boss sent another video with a subject line of "Work Related Video, must watch!" and it was something banal about men's underwear. Where are the adults? Anyone? I am in school with 18-21yo's all day and THEY are more mature than this.

Oh, too, I found out after-the fact that H contacted a teenage boy over the internet and our family paid (gifts, actually) this kid to make a video for H's work. Long story, but ends with me saying that I felt that being above reproach was the important thing here and perhaps the best way to do that would be to not buy gifts in exchange for services from teenagers one meets on the internet.

And H finally admitted to reading this thread saying, "I didn't think it would bother me, but it did. It really bothers me what they said about me." Well...he also said that I didn't represent it 'right' and he thought about posting rebuttals and I told him, "Please do. I think that's a fantastic idea." And...nothing.

Circling back around to the last topic on this thread...when the teenage boy stuff came out, H said he was angry at me for 'never giving him the benefit of the doubt.' I told him, "I gave you the benefit of the doubt when you told me that you could not get email access from home." He looked like I'd smacked him. He certainly couldn't argue that I hadn't. (given him the benefit of the doubt--not smacked him. smile )

He's been super the last several weeks except for one short AO one morning when I asked for clarity about something I was unclear about (where my car was going to be taken...my car ended up not going at all because he screamed at me that I never listen and he was NOT going to tell me again--he'd told me two different places prior, and I honestly didn't know!). He called and apologized; I told him to just knock that crap out. So far, so good, but man, I'm getting worn. I think I should be sensitive to his LBs, but sometimes it just feels like police work--is he IBing? Is he lying? Is he going to jump down my throat if I ask him a question? UGH...

Just venting/updating. All is not fantastic in CWMI-land, but it's not yet hopeless, either. I feel pretty good about my side of the street. Maybe H will post and straighten that out, though. smile He did say that everything is perfect for him at home and he doesn't know what the heck his problem is.

I have a theory, but that would be a DJ. lol.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)