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t/j to kiltedthrower, can I ask why you prefer free weights?

I could write on teh benefits of machines, but for my goals free weights work better. My workout is typically divided into 2-3 different portions. I have a strength portion in which I primarily concern myself with Olympic lifts, front squat, back squat, deadlift, push press, or dumbbell press. You can't recreate these movements accurately on a machine like you can free weights.

My next workout portion is typically very high intensity metabolism work. As an example, yesterdays workout involved pairing front squats with jumping rope. Or I might run a triple set of burpees (you can google these), dumbbell swings, and chin ups. It�s almost like cardio but with weights. Basically cardio or aerobic work is getting your heart rate up for X amount of time. I can do the same affect but with weights and create an anaerobic environment that burns more calories over all for a longer duration of time than getting bored on a treadmill for 45-60 minutes. And the benefit is you get more done in less time. Check out crossfit.com or crossfitfootball.com for an example of the type of workouts I do (I don�t follow their workouts but mine are similar or based on a lot of the stuff they do). This type of stuff really helps with throwing competitions, playing indoor soccer, and just being really fit. I can get what would normally take me 45-60 minutes done in under 30 minutes. And when you set stuff against the clock, you work faster and harder.

Since I�m now into week 2 of a 12 week competition (like the last one) it behooves me to create as much of a calorie burning environment as possible while building muscle. Doing the machine circuit setup won�t really help me as most if it involves sitting or lying down. But machines are great if you really want to isolate a muscle.

Now I do use machines. I�ll use leg press as an assistance movement after squats. I�ll use the bicep curl machine to if I really want to emphasize the biceps and not worry about engaging other muscles. And I really like the cable machine. One of my other issues is I get really bored sitting on a machine and counting out 10 reps (or how many ever reps you use) and then going to the next machine and doing the same thing.

I�ve also noticed that women �specially love the high intensity stuff. Typically with the female clients I have, I�ll have 1-2 days of typical gym work with a mix of machines and free weights that will take about 30ish minutes with middle reps (no high reps for �toning� There�s no such thing as �toning�. I know what people mean when they say this but tone refers to muscle tone or tonus.) And then I�ll give them a 10 minute �finisher� where they kick their heart rate up into high gear. This helps get them in better shape and get their strength up and some muscle building. Then 1-2 days of real high intensity against the clock type stuff�they usually almost always love these days so much more because it�s challenging and keeps them excited. And the other days gets them excited because they go �Wow! Look! I�m now pressing X lbs and when I started I was only doing X lbs!� Guys do also to some extent like the high intensity stuff but not quite as much as a lot of women do. In fact, if you go and look over at the crossfit.com site, you�ll see a lot of women.

Okay. I think I went off into left field for a simple question lol

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