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It was a SD. She said if we don't stay up late for a week and drink wine, then she'll meet my needs, affection, SF, etc. She said that I have to behave a certain way and if I did she would then meet some of my EN's,

That sounds like an awesome and fair trade to me. It sounds like a proposal, not a demand.

She is letting you know under what circumstances she would be enthusiastic about the things you want. Following the FGSN, you will now need to come up with a solution that incorporates her perspective.

She is being open and honest about how she feels and telling you the map to getting what you want. You are one lucky man to have such a communicative wife. Don't screw this up now. Pay attention to what she is telling you.

that in my book is a textbook SD.

You wrote the book? :P

I can't even figure out what she was demanding of you. What was she demanding that you DO?

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