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That sucks!!! I'd be really upset, too.

I agree with Kilted. I would probably just let him know via text that he left his phone on and I heard what he said and then let him sit on it all day feeling stupid.

If you go on offense he will automatically go on defense.

Let him come home with his tail between his legs rather than giving him a reason to turn it around and be mad at you by calling him an a-hole.

Penni, your H reminds me a lot of mine. Thing is, we've done 6mos of coaching with Steve Harley, and my H still thinks of appeasement than any action of love. I think he's hopeless. I've remained hopeful for far too long. He does not love me, he wants me to leave him alone.

He's a curmudgeon! Our 9yo asked him the other day, "Why don't you ever laugh?" H said, "I laugh!" Our 6yo said, "No you don't, you sit there like this," and made a stony face [blank stare]. I keep on hoping sometime, someway, something is going to get through to him...

We went out Friday night, and I encouraged H to call a friend who is going through a tough divorce to meet up with us because the band was a new incarnation of a band we used to all go see together, way back when H and I were dating. It was Dude (kt knows who this is)...H and I were reminiscing and Dude was brought up, and even though I haven't physically seen him in a couple years and had issues with him, I don't hate the guy at all and feel bad for him, because his wife cheated, and I've known him longer than H anyway and we got a lot of our issues out and agreed that we just wouldn't interfere...and since H still talks to him, I said yeah, why the heck not?

So Dude shows up and is surprised that I am there, which is reasonable since we'd agreed to stay the heck away from each other, but then he says he can't believe I look so good (AWESOME, is actually what he said). I said, "Why? Did you think I'd devolved into some old hag or something?" and he said YES, and gave my H a wtf? look.

I blew it off at the time because we were having fun, but now I'm mad. He's telling people I'm an old hag that won't leave him alone. I'm his WIFE. And I'm freakin' SMOKIN HOT and I deserve a man who WANTS to hear from me.

Marriage is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. Second marriage is the triumph of hope over experience.
(Oscar Wilde)