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So, he doesn't have a "pout and punish" MO when you take a chunk out of his backside?

Just curious...

Who took a chunk out of whose backside? Wouldn't that make him a narcissist, to have the action of, "Oh, that hurt? Well here, let me do it again, HARDER, just to prove that I don't hurt you"?

Uh, yeah. That's why I asked.

Does he have a habit of retracting his interactions with you when you call him on his bull?

He has a habit of deflecting blame, either claiming that [whatever] was taken wrong, or that something was misunderstood. He rarely makes plans with me, but yes, when he does, they are rarely kept. Calling on bull is a theme, but is not present in all of those.

We do spend a lot of time together, but most of it is unplanned. We'll decide Friday morning to go out Friday night, neither of us really plans anything else that keeps us apart, and usually we're good about planning for work or school events that step into the regular family time of evenings and Sunday, and let each other know. The anniversary w/e is something outside of the regular schedule. I'm just pissy because I was told I had a special weekend planned, and it was only a fantasy "If".

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