I'd also like to publicly and openly apologize to my wife for neglecting her EN's all these years. I told her all of this this morning but I feel good about being honest here as well. I was selfish, didn't care about anything that was important to her, and repeatedly DJ'd and SD'd her over and over again. I don't blame her for not being into me and I am working on changing the man I've become. I'm not that man yet, but I know what he looks like and I like what I see. This man is thoughtful, respectful, and thinks of others before himself. He never attempts to gain at other's expense. He smiles, in fact smiles a lot. smile He takes time out of his day to stop and smell the roses. He does things that make his wife happy without having to be asked. He takes initiative in planning fun activities with his wife, children, and friends. He researches and spends time on romancing his wife rather than picking up flowers as an afterthought at the grocery store. This guy is a stud, a true casanova and you all should be jealous of my wife for being able to own this dude when he becomes what he is aspiring and working on to be.

Married 15 years
12 y/o DD
10 y/o DS
6 y/o DD