Just a few things. First, online tests aren't a good indicator of anything. According to online tests, my recovering SA husband likely didn't have addiction issues, and I'm likely BPD (borderline.) As it turns out, my husband really does have addiction issues, and I learned how to behave like a person with BPD without actually having it, thanks to being raised by a parent with BPD.

That said. How about you find a local chapter of NAMI? Does your college have counseling services? How about you ask them for resources on dealing with NPD.

I can give you some about BPD, but not sure they would relate very well.

You also may consider shopping around for some resources for your children. They are going to be affected by your husband. Speaking from experience, I would have much rather dealt with the fall out of a parent with a PD when I was younger, rather than balancing dealing with the PD on top of marriage, work, and raising a family. And, likely, I would have never married my husband.