Good evening everyone!

Daisy, good luck with those two guys, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes though. smile

I've come to the conclusion that physical attractiveness is one of my husbands most important emotional needs. I have a few of the MB books and I asked him to fill out the EN questionaire but he listed O&H as #1. I'm not sure that's right.

It took 3 years of dating, a year and a half of marriage, an affair and almost a year of marriage counseling for him to admit that physical attractiveness was important to him. He is attracted to thin petite women with toned stomachs and small breasts. He likes the low jeans and short tanks that only go down to cover the ribs with no bra underneath.

I come from a family that tends to be on the heavy side. We all gain around our middles. I'm kind of short at 5'3" and since high school I'd been around 125lb, still was when I met my H. I've been down to 115lb when I was starting college living on a bottle of Mountain Dew all day until I'd go to my sisters for dinner. (I don't recommend it.)

I enjoy recreational exercise, biking or hiking with friends or my furbaby (puppy). I'm trying to get more activity in my days but it's hard. When I limit my diet I'm always hungry and I feel resentful that H can binge junk food. I think Dr. Harley said that's my lot in life, to be hungry, which is extremely hard to accept.

I resent H a little for not admitting this EN to himself much earlier. I knew his "type" but not that it was so important to him. After all, I wasn't that type when we met or married.

So, how do I keep those negative feelings at bay?

This has become a major love buster for him. Last night H actually rejected me, freshly washed, shaved, and presented. It wasn't fun at all.

Thoughts? Comments? Advice?


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