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Puzzle, just because he is attracted to a certain look does not mean he can't fall in love in with you.
ITA with the first part of this� I�m probably the least qualified to comment on this given my �attraction history� but even without sexual attraction I�ve always liked a particular �look.� Big Dude has that look. The guy I liked before him was blonde, which is my least favorite �look.� But something about the way he treated me totally won me over. The guy I dated between these two had my favorite look, but he was a real jerk so definitely no feelings there.

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He was in love with you at one time, after all. I would start up a new thread so others can help you with this.
But what if a guy marries a woman for reasons other than love? Probably does not apply in Puzzle�s case, but there was a lady on here whose husband married her as a caretaker for his kids. My ex is now looking for a wife, and he gave me the list of qualifications. Seemed to me that love had nothing to do with it. My impression of the list is he was looking for someone to play a particular role alongside his ministry.

If you marry someone who doesn�t love you, isn�t attracted to you and you feel religiously bound to remain in the marriage, how can you fix it?

"If you will stop feeding your feelings, then they will stop controlling you" -Joyce Meyer