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Wife is on couch giving me silent treatment. Very hard to deal with. Not sure what to do when she does this. Very, very common.

It will become less common, but for now, you need to do damage control for the damage your love busters have caused. She did not cause them; you did.

Telling her you feel you were wrong to treat her this way might be a good first step.

Not this time, you can go approach her. She can play the game all she wants, she hurts me, quite literally 50% of the things she says are DJ's. No man on earth could take that. She has done silent treatment, then denied it. She told me she only hurts me and makes me feel bad, then "only a little bit." Something is wrong here, I'm not so stubborn that I'm willing to prove a point when the consequences are divorce. I'll tell you what, my dear wife is man. My wife abuses me so much that I can hardly breathe. Deny, deny, deny no matter what. Her reply to an "I would appreciate statement" is a DJ. The only thing I can do is not speak to the woman because she can look at me with a straight face, deny everything, and commit a DJ while doing so! I appreciate all that you are doing, but I need to speak with Steve, no offense.

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