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Thanks for all the advice. I realize now that I relayed the story from last night and kind of presented it as an attempt at UA. My wife and I are clear that UA time is to be spent alone, there is 100% agreement on that.

Okay, good; glad you had that clear. smile

You may find that as the quality of your conversation increases (and maybe other intimate emotional needs, too) that your wife will find your time together more valuable and this will contribute to her feeling more like it is "worth it" to leave the baby for awhile.

I'd really like to think that we'll need to just get better at finding people that my wife feels good about and trusts.

That may help and keep brainstorming on that front, but don't limit yourself to just that. A whole host of things can contribute to making circumstances where she feels more enthusiastic:
* making the time more valuable, as I said above
* the baby getting older
* different babysitters
* staying closer?
* shorter intervals at first?
* keep brainstorming; this list likely has even more I'm not seeing

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