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There is quite literally no time aside from the end of the day. Baby gets up really early so unless we want to get up at 5am, it might be hard.

This is exactly why the Harleys were pushing the babysitting issue.

How many babysitters do you have that your W feels comfortable with?

Honestly? At this time I think zero. She has 2-3 that she is "somewhat" comfortable with. Something that is interesting however. When my wife was taking her long runs she had a girlfriend or two that she occasionally let watch the baby. I never heard her mention being uncomfortable about it. I sent her an email today that said I'd like negotiate with her about it. Part of my suggestions was using one of her girlfriends rather than her parents. Maybe that will sit better with her.


Well, what exactly is the issue she has with not feeling comfortable? Is there some qualification she is looking for that these people don't have?

No, nothing like CPR or similar. I just think she feels uneasy. To be honest my instincts tell me to read into why she is ok with her friend watching the baby while she goes on a run, but less comfortable with it when we go out on a date. I'll suppress those instincts for now. :)I've felt a bit of a push back since last night from my wife before we dropped off the baby. My wife doesn't like to be pushed and I really don't know that I did. She gets irritated at times when I spend too much time on MB which I actually get. Its just the way I choose to deal with things internally. Enough with comments of any kind about finding a babysitter for the rest of today. She knows it needs to be done, so I'll let her work it out just a bit before coming back to it.

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