I'm that transgendered person.

There is no 'normal'. People fall into many places on many spectrums. Worldly, self actualized people know this. But most people we meet, struggling with fear and self esteem issues, will not move from their version of 'normal'.

Dishonesty makes love very difficult. If someone is not interested in you, they would not have made a good mate.

On the first date I want them to know me as a person. So being in a place where talking is easy, is important. I tell them my background at the beginning of the second date. I have no expectations about the outcome of telling them. I don't let myself fantasize about the future potentials until after the second date.

Sex is a major EN for guys. I thought about sex at every opportunity when I was a guy. But I have less testosterone in my system now than most women. I rarely think about it, unless I meet a really attractive guy. For me now sex is a way to express and enhance love.

So I'm wondering, could asexuality be caused by a hormonal imbalance? I've heard some women take a small amount of Viagra before sex. Others try a testosterone patch. Women's bodies do make a small amount of testosterone naturally.

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I believe God challenges us with every crisis. Its more than just choosing good over evil, we have to learn and grow along the way.