Psalm 106:41-47 (NLT)
41 He handed them over to pagan nations, and they were ruled by those who hated them. 42 Their enemies crushed them and brought them under their cruel power. 43 Again and again he rescued them, but they chose to rebel against him, and they were finally destroyed by their sin. 44 Even so, he pitied them in their distress and listened to their cries. 45 He remembered his covenant with them and relented because of his unfailing love. 46 He even caused their captors to treat them with kindness. 47 Save us, O Lord our God! Gather us back from among the nations, so we can thank your holy name and rejoice and praise you.

The Israelites kept falling away from God. They knew God. They had witnessed the miracles of God. They had passed along stories of what God had done for them, yet they continued to sin and move away from God to their own gods and idols. So God allowed what they asked for and handed them over to nations who worshiped other gods. There they were mistreated by their captors until God would hear their cries for mercy and He would relent because of His unfailing love for them. He caused the captors to treat them with kindness and the captors would learn of God�s love. Yet they desired to be back home, back to the land they were promised, back to what they could call their country.

The current nation of Israel declared independence May 14, 1948 and within a day they were invaded. But they have managed to hold onto their country and clam it as they always desired to do. The other day President Obama called Israel a great nation. Israel�s leader made a different statement. Netanyahu the leader of Israel said, �I'm the leader of an old nation. The president said a great nation. I said he is the leader of a great nation, the American people. And I have the greatest respect for America and for the office of the presidency.� America is a great and powerful nation, while Israel is small, lacking in resources but does what it needs to do to protect itself. It is an old nation one separated thousands of years ago by the hand of God and by the miracle of God brought back again just as the psalmist asked. We must remember while our nation is great God can take His hand away from us and we too will be scattered around the world. Pray for our country and pray the people will listen to and follow the Lord.