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If I'm understanding right, the issue is that he told you you were not normal for not having relations with anyone until your husband?

Well, Big Dude propbed deeper into what was bothering me, and it came out that I'd never had an orgasm. That's what HE was saying I was abnormal for. And if you look at my age group (almost 40) yeah, I guess it is "abnormal."

What two other guys told me was that I was a weirdo for having waited for marrige and only had sex within the confines of that marriage, even though I'm now divorced.

Which to me is a very, very sad reflection on society.

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If it were me, my response would be: "I can do better than you."

I felt that way for awhile. Back when I thought �the right guy� would appreciate my chastity. Now I�m beginning to realize that it�s the sexy girls who get guys and since I don�t want a man enough to dress extremely revealing or have sex by the third date I�m just going to have to accept being single. I get lots of male attention, since I do dress very figure flattering and even though I�m a size 16 I have a great hourglass figure. But I�m not �sexy� and not really interested in being sexy in public. I kinda feel that is reserved for inside the house ;-)

"If you will stop feeding your feelings, then they will stop controlling you" -Joyce Meyer