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Agree with KT and HHH. I don't see holding out for marriage as weird or abnormal - on the other hand I don't see it as superior, either. It just is. Though I will admit that waiting avoids the risk of unwanted pregnancy.

If I was dating and the lady told me she was saving herself for marriage, I would respect her choice and not deride her for it, but I would also end the dating relationship in an honest and respectful manner.

Eh, Daisy is just a strong Christian woman.

So... for the second time today, the rationalist is going to bolster Christian stance.

God created man, designed with... er, certain parts.

God created woman, with compatible parts.

God created marriage, and within marriage he said man and woman shall come together and be one flesh.

God loves what he creates. God created sex. God loves sex... WITHIN MARRIAGE. It was created to feel good so that man and woman could also enjoy God's creation.

Daisy, you are a faithful woman. When your flesh and your faith are both satisfied within marriage, I have (an outsider's) faith that you will, in fact, come to love and enjoy SF with the man whom you choose to marry.

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