I don't understand the seething with anger at anything besides child abuse, molestation, and infidelity. Oh and the fact that if you're black you have a different set of standards (lower) to recieve public assistance in Oklahoma than if you're white. I'm on the phone tomorrow to cause a storm and picket in front of DHS until this racism is noticed.

Okay, so that didn't help at all with your post.

Anyway...I think everyone going would be a great idea.

Anyway, I wasn�t enthusiastic about camping. But I could see that it would mean so much to my wife and the kids wanted to go. So what the heck�24 hours out camping aint going to kill me. So we went. They even had a rapids ride so it was slightly better. Except I can�t remember if the water was so high or so low that there were no rapids so I was stuck in this little raft with my mom and my 8 year old for like 2 hours slloooooooowly drifting down this river. That sucked. So the kids at some point forgot to zip back up the tent and it poured down. We get back to the tent all drenched and most of the tent is filled with rain except for the main part of it. So there�s like 7 of us sleeping in this 1 area that�s meant for 2-3 and we couldn�t leave it open because it was pouring down like a civ. I had an absolutely horrible time. I think the worst time is I griped the entire time and made it very clear I was miserable. Talk about a joy kill. You know what I regret the most about that? Being a jerk about it. It meant so much to the kids and my wife to go on this camping trip. So I�ve agreed to go again when we take off down to San Antonio in a couple weeks. But I�m going to be happy and pleasant about it. My unhappiness or whatever you want to call it about not wanting to be camping will be very short lived but my wife and kids will have a very long term happy memory. Anyway, I know that a lot of us have preconceived notions on what we would love and hate. I thought, �eh�I�ll try this camping thing�maybe, just maybe I�ll like it.�

Anyway, I�m just kinda� rambling. Your situation kinda� reminded me of the whole camping thing. If camping/hunting doesn�t repulse you, this might be a great family thing if all of y�all go.

Husband (me) 39
Wife 36
Daughter 21
Daughter 19
Son 14
Daughter 10
Son 8 (autistic)