The vodka models wore more clothing. :p

Remember the whole conversation about how this place doesn't use women at events, and would never ever do such a thing? And spouses are encouraged and welcomed at events? Before I knew about the cheerleaders, I asked H if he planned to extend an invitation to our family for this. It actually involves children.

Yes, cheerleaders at a child's event. Anyhoo...

He said, "Come if you want to, I don't care!"

Nice, eh? DS14 goes to school with a girl whose father works there, and I know she attended last year and told my son how much fun the kids of employees have at this event. So why he hadn't invited us was a mystery to me...until I found out about the cheerleaders. Now it makes sense. He knows I wouldn't like it. It's not a sporting event where cheerleaders are appropriate.

Cheerleaders on a football field = appropriate use of cheerleaders.

Cheerleaders on a car lot = objectifying women.

If there is no team to win, there is no need for cheerleaders, imho. You don't need models to give away free vodka, either, now that I think on it. smile

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